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Under the auspices of

Mayor - Manfred Gaßner
Chairman of Tourism - Christoph Bründl
Board of directors of the Maiskogel Betriebs AG - Albert Rattensperger
President of the Askö federal state administration Salzburg - Dr. Gerhard Schmid
President of the Children Cancer Help - Heide Janik
Vice-President of Askö Salzburg and National Councilor - Walter Bacher

Organisation committee

Hobbyfreizeitclub Askö Auhof Kaprun

Overall direction:
Johann Köhlbichler
Markus Köhlbichler
Markus Henninger

Walter Göd
Hubert Köhlbichler
Nicole Köhlbichler
Thomas Pimingstorfer
Franz Plobner - Trisko
Patrick Steiber

Race office:

Eveline Göd
Anita Hofer
Waltraud Köhlbichler

Commentator: Roland Waradi

Race committee

Skiclub Kaprun, ÖSV-Nr. 4018

Cours officer: Peter Ackerer
Route officer: SC Kaprun
Chief steward: SC Kaprun
Chief of timing: SC Kaprun
Chief of calculation: SC Kaprun
Judge of the gates: SC Kaprun
Emergency medical services: Maiskogel Betriebs AG


Giant slalom (1 run)

Place and date

Kaprun, Saturday 25th February 2017


Each member will receive a T-Shirt during the award ceremony
Cups for the first three participants in each class
Medals for all children who have participated
The club with the most participants achieves the “10th international Maiskogel
Fan Race Trophy“ as well as trophy money.


Children, pupils and teenagers must wear a crash-helmet.
It’s also recommended to all others.

Lift pass

All participants are entitled to a discounted lift pass. For further information
please ask our staff when picking up your race number.


Zell am See - Kaprun Tourismus GmbH


They will be published on Sunday 26th February 2017.


The organiser does not accept any liability for any damage to participants or
third parties.


Cancer Aid for Children Charity, Salzburg

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